Xiaomi Deerma Clothes & Sweater Lint Remover


Xiaomi Deerma Clothes Sticky Hair Multi-function Trimmer Charge Plug-in 7000r / min Motor Fast Removal Ball


  • Concealed multi-purpose sticky hair tube easily remove dander, clean as new.
  • The sticky hair tube is hidden at the handle to maximize the space utilization.
  • Pulling it out can absorb the residual dander, effectively preventing the dander and the clothes fiber from winding up again.
  • Easy to operate, make clothes new and fashion.


  • Micro-aro honeycomb protection net – Precise lock trim, 360° protective clothing. Effectively isolate the blade, protect the obligation to avoid accidental cutting.
  • Press The Disc Switch – Sensitive press design, recessed into the bottom of the body to prevent accidental touch & ensure safety.
  • Charging Status Indicator – Display red when charging, complete charging and turn green.
  • Loose Induction Contact Point – Prevent the kni-fe net from loosening, only the kni-fe net & the body fit closely to be used normally.
  • Detachable Trilobal Cutter Head – Change the blade regularly to keep it as sharp as ever.

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