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A unique and ergonomically designed Shirt Stacker – a must have accessory for all the organized busy bees out there. This contemporary closet organizer keeps your ironed shirts and clothes – all well organized and stacked, preventing them from any kind of wrinkles. It has polka dots print, making it visually appealing and smart.

It has slanting shape that makes it more fitting and apposite. Fabricated in non-woven material, this wardrobe organizer is a long term and an economic investment. This clothing organizer is foldable in nature and hence could be collapsed when not in use. So get one now and be organized and give your clothing a wonderful, well arranged experience.

PrettyKrafts Shirt Stacker Set of 2 - Closet Organizer - Shirts and Clothing Organizer - Rimples_Blue

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  • MADE IN INDIA | PERFECT SIZE: This Shirt stacker fits the size of the folded shirt perfectly. PrettyKrafts Shirt Cover acts as an ideal Wardrobe Organizer.
  • EASY ACCESS : With this it will be very easy for you to access & store shirts inside the wardrobe.
  • WRINKLE FREE : Helps in keeping your clothes wrinkle free.
  • Size : 10"(L) x 10"(W) x 16"(H) | 25cm(L) x 25cm(W) x 40cm(H)
  • Contents : 9 Pcs | Material : Non woven with polka dots | Color : Blue - Black.

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