Airwick Freshmatic Complete Kit Summer Delights (includes Diffuser Spray Device and Refill)


Enhance your home’s scent story with Air Wick Life Scents Summer Delights Freshmatic Max Automatic Spray. Bring the delights of summer into your home with this playful and fun fragrance combining fresh white florals, sweet melon, and subtle vanilla. Air Wick Life Scents Collection is the first constantly changing fragrance to create a welcoming atmosphere in your home.

Air Wick Freshmatic Max Automatic Sprays release bursts of continuous fresh fragrance so your home always smells welcoming. Just set the air freshener to your preferred fragrance intensity setting and enjoy while the Summer Delights refill fragrances your home.


  • For the first time ever, experience 3 evolving scents in 1 spray.
  • Enjoy the lilt of rose as it envelopes the air around you.
  • Transform your home by creating a soothing ambience.

Airwick Freshmatic Complete Kit Summer Delights - 250 ml

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  • With up to 2,400 fragrant sprays per refill, 1 pack fills the room for up to 60 days (Under lab test conditions at low device setting)
  • Not just fragrances the home but also neutralizes odours
  • It can be operated at 3 Fragrance Intensity settings- high, medium and low
  • The complete pack includes 1 gadget, 2 AA batteries and 1 refill spray
  • Playful and fun fragrance combining fresh white florals, sweet melon and subtle vanilla

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