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Every time you breathe in, air enters through your nose and mouth; it flows down your throat and into the bronchial tubes. These tubes need to be open for the air to flow down to reach your lungs. If these tubes are inflamed, it gets difficult for the air to get to your lungs. You may cough vigorously to draw more oxygen through the tightened passageways. If you are tired of depending on your inhaler, you may consider to try a natural herbal remedy to manage your problems. Green Cure presents Bronchicure, an herbal syrup designed by German Scientists that contains IVY leaves and Thyme fluid extract that helps reduce wheezing sound. It is for the first time – German Engineering has been combined with Indian Ayurveda.This immunity booster relieves you from breathlessness due to pollution and allergy and cleans the respiratory tract.


Ayurvedic Product
Bronchicure syrup contents natural herbal actives which act on dry cough caused by dry and irritated respiratory tract. This formula produces expectorant, anti-inflammatory and broncholytic effect.

Reduces Inflammation
The syrup helps in reducing the complaints in case of wheezing with cough and cold accompanied by thick, viscous mucus, reducing inflammations of the respiratory tract. It is paraben free, steroid free, no added flavours and causes no side effects.

Ingredients – The Best Extracts

  • Ivy Leaf Extract: Ivy Leaf Extract has the ability to dilate bronchioles, in turn relaxes the airways and takes care of the thick mucus that cannot be expectorated
  • Thyme Fluid Extracts: The leaves of thyme contain a broad array of naturally-occurring compounds that acts as antibacterial, antifungal and spasmolytic, so it fights against agents that cause wheezing and helps to quell a spasmodic cough


Green Cure Bronchicure Herbal Lung Care syrup Respiratory Wellnness with Ivy Leaf and Thyme Fluid | Paraben & EDTA Free | German Science with Indian Ayurveda - 100 ml

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  • Ayurvedic Proprietary Product - Quick action, 100% Herbal Actives, Effective from first use itself
  • Bronchicure - Immunity booster for Asthma patients, Relieves from the breathlessness due to pollution and allergy, Cleans respiratory tract
  • Imported Ingredients - Ivy Leaf Extract relaxes the airways and takes care of thick mucus. Leaves of thyme contain a broad array of naturally-occurring compounds that act as an antibacterial, antifungal and spasmolytic.
  • International Standard - Designed by German Scientists and as per European Union norms.
  • No Side Effects | Paraben Free | No Added Flavour | Steroid Free
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