Daily Vitamin C (500mg) & Zinc Chewable Tablets


OurDaily Vitamin C & Zinc provides you with daily immune support, protects from cold and fights viral infections.

Our Daily



  • Vitamin C & Zinc strengthen immune system by supporting various cellular functions
  • Combination of Vitamin C and Zinc is effective in fighting common cold
  • Daily immune support helps to fight viral infections
  • Supports Iron absorption
  • Vitamin for anti oxidants
  • Tasty Orange Flavor
  • Vitamin C helps in maintaining iron levels by enhancing iron absorption
  • Anti-Oxidant properties helps to fight free radicals and reduce cell damage/maintain skin health
  • Now enjoy OurDaily Vitamin C and Zinc with a tasty lemony orange flavour

Ourdaily vitamin c(500mg) & zinc chewable tablets-builds immunity daily against viruses and cold-120 tablets-tasty lemony orange flavour

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  • Treats and prevents Vitamin C & Zinc deficiency
  • Builds immunity to fight cold and viral infections
  • Supports iron absorption
  • Acts as anti-oxidant
  • Maintains overall well-being
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