Nescafé É Smart Instant Coffee Maker


É by NESCAFÉ is the next generation in coffee devices, ready to revolutionize your daily coffee drinking experience. This all-in-one product is a light and compact coffee machine in the shape of a mug. Easily controlled through the NESCAFÉ É Connected Mug app, it perfectly prepares a wide range of consistently high quality coffee recipes every time. Whether it’s a frothy, hot cappuccino, a cool creamy iced coffee or an espresso with an exotic twist, É makes it for you. É comes with its own measuring spoon and a Bluetooth docking station for easy coffee preparation. With the app you can chat with fellow É users, spark new connections and share the coffee love with friends! It’s time to make your coffee smarter.


  • NESCAFE E is the next generation coffee device for life on the go with bluetooth connectivity to revolutionise your coffee experience.
  • Easily controlled through an app, it perfectly prepares your favourite coffee every time.
  • With its thermal insulation, E lets you enjoy a wide range of consistently high quality hot and cold coffees designed to your personal taste.
  • Active remotely via NESCAFE E connected mug app.
  • From hot to cold, black to white, choose a creative recipe or invent your own.
  • E creates your favourite coffee quickly (60-90s) and silently.
  • Now get your preferred coffee anytime, every time and always perfect.
  • With E’s double-walled stainless steel thermal insulation and leak-proof lid, enjoy your coffee on the go.
  • Meet NESCAFE E friends, discover your love for coffee and share your coffee stories.

Nescafé É Smart Coffee Maker (210ml, Black) + Nescafé Classic Coffee, 200g Glass Jar

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  • É by NESCAFÉ is a first of its kind, smart, app-enabled coffee maker
  • Pair via Bluetooth with NESCAFÉ É Connected Mug App for personalised experience
  • Enjoy a wide variety of indulgent coffee recipes at the touch of a button
  • With its heating and frothing features, É prepares great tasting coffee quickly (60-90secs) and silently
  • This trendy, 100% leak & spill proof mug let's you enjoy coffee on the go, worry-free

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