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Michelin 12290 Tyre Pressure Gauge with Key Ring


Michelin 12290 Tyre Pressure Gauge/Meter/Tester with Key Ring.

Michelin branded key chain tire gauge with flashlight and polished metal ring with accuracy plus consistency in measurement with a smooth, soft frosted silicone housing and is light and handy also easy to read and use. Maintaining the correct tire pressure is fundamental. It maximizes the performance and fuel efficiency whilst increasing passenger safety and comfort.

This tyre gauge allows you to pre-set the recommended pressure of your vehicle helping to ensure proper tyre inflation. The led flashlight makes it easy to check your tire pressure in low light situations and the backlit display allows for easy viewing. If your are looking to maximize safety, performance and fuel savings then this is the gauge for you.

Michelin Tyre Pressure Gauge

  • Flashlight
  • Compact Design
  • Large White LCD Digital Display
  • Range: 5-99PSI, 0.4-6.80 BAR, 40-680 kPa, 0.4-6.80 kg/cm2
  • Accuracy: Pressure +/- 1 Percent

Michelin 12290 Tyre Pressure Gauge with Keyring (Black)

Michelin 12290 Tyre Pressure Gauge with Keyring (Black)

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